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B-Force Bands 3.0
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NEW 3rd Generation 3.0 B-Force Sports Specific Training Resistance Bands™ are the most versatile progressive resistance bands on the market. Our original “Gym In A Bag” provides a full body workout for any age, gender or fitness level in almost any setting. A unique 12-inch anchor strap with an integrated door cylinder allows these bands to be used in a variety of ways. They can be mounted in any door jamb or wrapped around any pole, bar or similar fixed object. The strap can be held by a partner or you may stand on it to use them like traditional resistance bands- minus the traditional wear and tear caused by your shoes. B-Force Bands™ consist of 4 latex tubes with carabiner clips allowing you to alternate between our cushioned handles, ankle straps or agility belt. We offer 4 levels of resistance: light (10 lbs.), medium (15 lbs.), heavy (20 lbs.) and extra heavy (25lbs). Users can increase resistance up to 4 times by clipping multiple bands to an accessory for multilateral use, placing B-Force Bands in a class by itself.

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